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“We will do our best for the satisfaction and happiness of our customers.”
This is Sang-deok Hwang, the CEO of Haenam Natural Farming Association Corporation.
Thank you for visiting our website.

Haenam Natural Farming Association Corporation was established in 1996
to produce eco-friendly products based on the laws of nature and respect for such laws.
We grow and sell primary agricultural products such as garlic, onion, bean, cassia seed, sweet potato and Chinese cabbage.
We also manufacture fermented food, processed food and healthy food - introducing products that will surely take care of
our customers’ health. We are constantly thinking of various ways to do this and grow simultaneously.
For fermented food particularly, we are manufacturing and selling products that are fermented by inoculating
an excellent microorganism (bacillus subtilis)
that we have, and giving impetus to product research by operating
a company-affiliated research institute and hiring outstanding workforces. We have been constantly making an effort in the area
of research and development to make the best products without giving in to the difficult environmental management in Korea and
other countries while operating a food business for the last 17 years.

We will expand our business to grow and coexist with our customers by devoting more to the research and development
of food technology and products that will lead the domestic market so as to impress everyone with health, using the unique taste
and nutrition of fermented food based on the capacities and results we have built so far. We will also become a
representative, global food company, of fermented Korean food by expanding our business in the overseas market, beyond Korea.

Furthermore, to repay our customers for their constant interest and love, we will continue to try and challenge ourselves
to be a company trusted by the people and the society.

We wish that you would always enjoy a happy life with a healthy body and mind,
and please continue to give us your love and support.

Thank you.

Haenam Natural Farming Association Corporation